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searched, got annoyed, air intake

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ok i know that a short ram will decrease acceleration capabilities.

most of the stuff i found during my search told me the advantages of cold air comin in if you have a CAI. (eventually i will boro my way to this stage, but for now, just SR)

so what are the advantages to having a normal ram air as opposed to the black box stock intake?
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it looks cooler. it might make a bit more noise, not to sure, and the air filters are usually better, but you can get a "high performance" air filter for the black box anyways. in other words a short ram is just for looks and sound?
sho nuf playa, forced induction is the best intakes for our cars. and i say CAI is second. until i do a CAI extension on it, it'll only be a ricey accessory under my hood?
the only thing a short ram will do is a) provide a sound when gas is pushed hard b) give 1-2 hp if that c) look better that stock d)will change your overall rpm range....i had a sr and changed that to a cai a couple of months ago...i definetly felt a power increase and a boost in the rpms around 4000....dont waste your time with a sr and go straight to a cai....if you have no time to make one yourself jus let me more than willing to make one for you
initial-T said: until i do a CAI extension on it, it'll only be a ricey accessory under my hood?
o the sr into a cai intake extension will prove to give no extra hp or cool the air...this has already been done and cost time and possibly having rocks sucked into your filter...its better to jus make a whole complete cai than take this route...but hey its your $.02
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