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Seat Airbag/Weight Sensors

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Hey All:

My new Wedge Engineering Seat Brackets ( have arrived for my Recaro seats – but I haven’t gotten out in the 20 degree weather to change them yet.

The new brackets have a mount for the stock seat belt anchor but am wondering what I am going to face with the seat weight sensors for the airbags. Has anyone come across this before? Or maybe someone with a Factory Service Manual would be kind enough to scan the page that deals with the seat sensors?

I am hoping the sensors can be removed from the stock seats (without destroying them) to be reused with the Recaros.

Thanks in advance.
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TRD Hunter said:
what? are you putting new seats in or new brackets? why? i dont understand...try being a little more clear....

I am changing the seats in my 05 Double Cab TRD Sport 4x4 to a set of Recaros I have. Wedge Engineering makes brackets to make this possible - but I am not sure what I am going to run into when I try to move the seat sensors from the stock seats to the Recaros.

Since the sensors are for the airbags, I want to be prepared as possible. I know the seats come right out with four bolts, just wondering if anyone else has done this.

Oh, as to why? The stock seats and my back have not gotten along at all... and I already have the seats for another project, and they are just sitting at the moment.

Better? :chug:
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