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Seat belt

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'94 Corolla Base 4AFE 3-spd 237k miles

Driver's side seatbelt doesn't always retract. In fact, it retracts very little. Even when I feed it back myself, it really doesn't pull at all. The passenger side is fine. This used to be just an annoyance, but now it's getting to where it also locks as I'm trying to put it on and will not unlock until I yank on it over and over again for about 30 seconds.

Is there a way to fix this? If not, is it a simple part to replace? Can't see it as it's behind the interior panel. Is it LEGAL for me to replace it, being a safety device? Can I force Toyota to fix it for free, even though the car is old?

Any help is appreciated. :)
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You'll have to replace the whole seatbelt assembly, no Toyota will not replace it for free unless there's a recall on it. You can probably pick one up at a junkyard for cheap.
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