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Seat option

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Went to the pick-n-pull this morning & there was a 90 Celica parked in front of a 91 Camry. A quick eyeball on the driver's seat told me it would either fit or be close, so with nothing to lose but a little time I did a test fit.

It's close, but not quite close enough. If you are handy with a cut-off wheel & a welder, it would be easy work.

All pics are with the seat on the driver's side.
Door side rear bolt hole lines up:

Inner rear bolt hole is off by less than 1 inch.

Door side front is real close, you could enlarge the hole with a big drill bit.

Console side front bolt hole is off by the same amount as the rear - about 1 inch.

The width looks OK and the height is close to the stock seat.

There are 2 tabs on the front of the seat rails that would need cut off. Somebody who is handy with a welder could easily cut the inner rails, weld on a wider piece of steel, drill a hole & have them fit.

Sorry about the pics, my phone was the only thing I had with me.

On a side note, I did manage to score a 300ZX turbo hood scoop for $10 and a Volvo 850 Turbo wagon rear wing for $22. The wagon wing is going on my 84 Volvo 240 wagon. The hood scoop - maybe.
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Thanks a lot for the pics and the info I'd been wondering for a awhile now if celica seats would fit in my gen 2! Thanks
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