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seat swap?

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I just joined minutes ago mainly because i have a question regarding the 99 camry that i own. While i was in a local junkyard looking for parts i got an idea i was wondering if any of you could help me out with. my car sits with manual seats right now and i was wondering if its possible that i install power seats with parts from a junked car while still keeping my own seats. totally swapping seats is out of the question as i have leather in my car and i will not find any leather seats from a junked car that are in good enough condition and its not important enough to me to buy new new seats. So, does anyone know if i can use hardwear from a junked car while still keeping the leather from my current car? is it possible to seperate the base of the seat (rails, legs, wiring, etc) from the top of the seat (bottom, what you sit on, and the back, what you sit against)? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, fellow 'Yota Riders!
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I am pretty sure the the power and non-power seat frames are different. And I don't know if the non-power seat camrys has the same wires under the seat. If they have the same wires I would by the whole seat and swap the factory covers on them.
i'll trade you! ha ha...
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