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Cannot fix the seatbelt warning light in the dash.
Problem is it wont go out when the Drivers seat belt is being worn. Wiggling it makes it go out. Since its definately the seatbelt I know there must be an easy fix for this.
Things I have tried.
#1 High pressure air blast into the female part to get rid of any conductor blocking crud.
#2 Inspect and clean thouroughly the male part of the seat belt.
#3 Use a pressure spray electrical contact cleaner into the female part. Connect belt many times with no change.

There ...I know there is someone in this forum who has the answer. Problem is finding that person!!!!
Thank you
[email protected] 97 Tacoma ext cab 4 by 4 200k

Ps I'll buy a used belt if you have one!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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