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Seattle, WA - SOFTBALL GTG - Toyota | Scion vs. Audi | Volkswagen ?

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SOFTBALL GTG: Toyota | Scion vs. Volkswagen | Audi ?

please dont look at it as a 'my car is better than your car' gathering, but just as a car enthusiast event.

this will be a co-ed event, so bring your better [or as some may have it worse] half.

this is just a feeler, to see what kind of numbers we can get.

all we need is roughly 7 players, a full infield [1st, 2nd, short and 3rd] , 2 fielders and one catcher. each team will pitch to their own players, but the pitcher will not field the ball.

let me know if we can make this happen.

this will be held around the greater seattle area

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