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Secondary HC Air Filter from 4.0 L V6 for sale?

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Anyone willing to sell their removed secondary HC air filter for a 2005 and up Toyota Tacoma with the 4.0 L V6?

Thank you
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I'm not sure it's actually removable. Some of the guys on here made it sound like you had to cut it out. You can see if toyota sells it as a part of the stock air box. Besides, you don't really need it unless you live in CA...I think. don't really need it unless you live in CA...I think.
Not true. It prevents gas fumes from leaving the closed system (those in the tank are passed to the engine for burning) and entering the atmosphere. The carbon in the filter grabs the fuel fumes and bonds to it. When you start the engine, the fumes are then sucked back out of the charcoal filter and sent into the engine.

Removing it in CA will cause you to fail your bi-annual smog check, that's true. Don't know if other states check for it...but not likely since most don't have a smog check program like CA.

Without the filter, 20 percent of all smog created by autos would be directly from the fumes in the tank. Leave it there and save us some air!

And good luck to the OP in finding one used.
I still have mine.... you'll never get them back in without some glue or something though. Its held in by plastic rivets and I broke all of them off. PM me I guess...
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