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Secured hatch cargo

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I’m looking for a cargo net or a cargo box that can be secured in the hatch area. I’d like to secure the loose tools… in the hatch area so they aren’t a risk in case of an accident. Does anyone have any ideas or a source for such item?
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What loose tools? The jack and stuff is all secured already?

Sure you can buy mat/liner type things that fit in the back. I have a couple of bungies for holding grocery bags in place.

Look on a Toyota site for accessories. Or just type a search in google/ebay for cargo liners.
What loose tools?
Socket set, tool box, jumper cables, groceries, laptop, winter boots...
need pictures of your ride, and wtf is electronic rust protector?
toyota has a cargo box for the matrix $99.00 its nice with adjustable dividers and handles when you cary it out , and it says toyota on it nice
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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