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Hello everything,

Once by mistake i used a copied metal key and try to start he car, Then car crank but didn't started.

I bring locksmith he tried his best made a copy of key including chip he failed to start and suggested me to toe and bring the car near to his shop.

Well next day morning instead of towing i just remove and plug in back the fuse for efi and horn. Then car started.

Then when car was working there was a security light keep blinking even car started, i went to the lock smith and told him what heppened again he connected the device for key programing and removed the light. After 5 days car wasn't starting and security light showed. after removing key and putting it back it started. same happened again and again then it started hapening daily light blinking car wont start. Then now only in cool time it start or next try if i make after 2 hours maybe it start.

locksmith said now he can't make another key.


So far he have checked the whole wiring and fuse box upside down didn't find anything wrong.

I need your advice what to do.. what about changing immobilizer or bypass.

I live in Bahrain dealer will charge $150+ just for checking.

Thanks in Advance

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Welcome to Toyotanation:hi:

I think it thinks it's stolen. When he reprogrammed the key it should of fixed it to my knowledge. I wonder if he didn't do it correctly? We have lots of Toyota techs on here hopefully one will see your post soon and can give a better answer.
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