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security pre-wired?

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Planning to install the Viper791 remote start alarm system in my truck. I've installed an alarm before in my car.

My question: Is the truck prewired for security? Is there a port where the factory alarm is installed? If so this would mean most of the wires needed would be in the same location. I did not see an alarm pre-wire schem in documents.:confused:

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Yes and no, its prewired for the factory alarm, but it requires the harness that is used for the VIP 3200 alarm (factory alarm option). It looks like the harness plugs into existing factory plugs. I have the Toyota PDF drawing of that showing the install, and another PDF showing the schematics of that harness. It looks like it runs from behind the glove box to under the steering wheel.

Here is a ZIP file of the two PDF's.


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Thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for. Now I know where to splice my wires.
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