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selling 04 celica gt

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Well it appears I will have relatives coming to live in America. There's no way in hell that they can support themselves so I'm sure my parents have to help them. So I offered to sell my car to help out. If you are interested I'd prefer that you be in Southern California. If not I'll see about it. If you guys want pictures I'll get some just ask.


2004 Model, GT, Automatic, aproximately ~4200 miles on it.

Exterior: Carbon Blue paint, black hubcaps (no rims), S2000 antenna, and smoked tail lights but I will take it off because of the crappy job on it. Also I have a underglow kit (BLUE) by Streeglow so if you want it with the car please tell me or I will take it off when I sell it. Also I have a Homer figure on the window. It's quite hilarious but it can be scratched off without any negative side effects on the window.

Interior: Nothing is changed everything is stock

My car has been taken care of and there is only one problem and that is there are minor scratches in the car but they are not very noticeable and the front bumper has been scratched underneat due to very deep DIPS but it happens to every car sooner or later. The car has never been in an accident and has never hit anything and if you are not interested please spread the word out to someone who might be.

my AIM is

Canton Ph34R

this is a good way to contact me
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