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here are the rest of the pics :D matt & TRD_kid called me up late last night to join them & Pineapple, Corolla_Driver & Oreo at the Toyota Nation meet, so i had to jet just then.

anyway, here is a picture of The Beast that got us down to the States, since my clutch needed to be replaced, Big-Ups to Jay again for getting us the ride down 8) too bad though i picked up a measly 13mph speeding ticket in upper state NY on the way back home about 2hrs from TO :roll: do we fit this in...?

thank goodness for splitfolds, lol

Laura doin' her thing 8) freshly mounted TRD lip kit, custom CF hood & Konigs :D

we then headed out to the Dave & Busters in Rockville (?) as planned, and was a good idea anyway, since we were told by the Park Rangers that we needed a permit to house so many cars for a "car show." i guess it seemed like a big car show event of sorts, rather than just "a meet," with such a large number of members that showed up, but i don't think they should have shut down the Decal-Man in the Civic (thanks again for the ToyRolla decals!) & all the DJ eqpm't. for a rockin good time. also, i wish the TeamNET guys could've stuck around a little longer, i hope whoever wasn't feeling well is better now 8) anyway, we had a great time chatting away at the D&B, while we had tons of jokes having dinner there, especially with our high-strung waiter & Jay's Philly Cheesesteak that took over an hour to arrive :lol:

since i couldn't bring my coupe, i brought this little guy, a Euro-spec Corolla 8)

thanks to the owner for letting me do burnouts on his trunk, lol j/k :wink:

then Pete gave me a ride back home from there in his new MB, talk about travelling in style! 8)

all in all, Jay & I had a really great time on our mini roadtrip, and it was a great experience finally getting out on the road and travelling down to an American auto meet. we met alot of cool people along the way, and it gave us a chance to match some faces to the usernames on the boards. we shared many laughs and made many new friends, all the while feeling very welcomed so many miles away from home. many thanks to all that participated in the meet, especially the planners & organizers. we hope to see y'all once again, either down Stateside, or perhaps at one of our Meets in Canada once more 8) special thanks once again to Sean (ToyRolla) & crew for showing us around, and being fly tour guides :D
i guess if there's one word we could use to describe our trip down to the Mid-East, it would have to be...

:cool: !
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