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Sensor wire(s)

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On the 86 Toyota truck 2.4 EFI,how many wires go into the green coolant sensor temp plug?,to the right of the cold start injector time switch and below t-stat housing.
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you mean the one with the little blue plug? Check these pics out and get back to me

Zoom in on the pic, it's hard to see the wires, ( I took this pic along time ago) let me know if its the one with the blue plug and I'll go out and look at my truck, by the way, I have an 1986 2.4 2wd EFI auto/longbed w/376K miles
Mine is on my 86 truck 4x4 2.4 EFI and the thing is green,the one to the left of it is brown/black.Mine seems to be further to the front,same side,under the t-stat housing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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