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Sept 11-12: SLAP show - Woburn, MA

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Hey northeast peeps, Im coming near Boston on Sunday for the SLAPshow northeast finals, its in Woburn, MA. I am covering the event for Car Sound & Performance magazine. If any of you are around then stop by and say whats up.
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Where in woburn? i may stop by if my wisdom teeth are okay.
wish i could be there =0(

Saturday September 11 and Sunday September 12

7th Row Center Hands-On Installation School
325 New Boston St Unit 6
Woburn, Ma

Saturday Events
Tweek and Tune for SLAP Competitors
Audio Control Meters for use and tuning.
SLAP Staffing on hand for Question and Answers
Event Registration
Cook Out for Competitors Sponsored by:

The Drivers Side
Car Audio and Car Performance
Wrentham, Ma

Sundays Schedule
8am till 12pm Event Registration

SLAPdBq Judging starting at 9am
SLAPshow-n-shine Judging starting at 930am
SLAPdB Judging starting at 1030am

All SLAP Classes
Awards for 1st-5th Place in all Classes
Plus 7 Best of Shows

All SLAP Classes
Awards for 1st-5th Place in all Classes
Plus 4 Best of Shows

Top 15 in Awards for the following Classes
2 Door Mild
2 Door Wild
4 Door Mild
4 Door Wild

Top 5 in Awards for the following Classes
Special Interest
Under Construction

Plus 14 Best of Shows

* Also there will be a "Best of" Best of Show *

Directions to 7th Row Center

From either North or South

Route 93 N or S
Take exit 37C and at the end of the ramp bear right on to Presidential Avenue and follow to the end( 1 Mile ). At very next stop sign take a left and the School is 250 feer in. You wont miss there will be signs up as well.

****I am just going for Sunday Only****
Hope some people can make it....
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Ahem.... Let's see my check list...

- Buy a camry = check
- Pimp a camry = check
- Win a throphy = check
- Park next to Eddie at a show = (check back in 2 days)
- Enter an HIN event = pending

hey thanx for the info eddie i might tru to head up if i dont over sleep tommorow
Sorry I couldn't make it-had a friggin' cocktail party to go to. Trust me I'd rather have been in jeans drooling over cars, then stuck in a dress fending off the relatives. :(
Let me know how it went guys.
wow, what a fun time.... I think I did pretty good out there.

2nd Place 4Dr Wild
3rd overall average (SPL, SQ & Show)

Sound Quality Pro Street 601+
Best Car
Best of Show N Shine

thaks to my boy MADCAM for the photo and stoping by at the end to help me carry all this stuff.
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Eddie once again... congrads.

Sadly I had to work all day and had no choice, which sucks. But I stopped by for the trophy presentation.

Like I said Eddie, you haven't seen the last of me nor my slamry. Make sure to let me know when you'll be back in the area.
eddie-congrats....glad you did well. :thumbsup:
SLAP This weekend

hey sorry to bring up an old thread but i will be out near boston again today and maybe tommorow for two slap shows if anyone wants to go

Bumper 2 Bumper
(508) 580-1998

(603) 888-4400

all the info is on
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