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I'm resorting to this because I haven't come across the info I've been looking for.

Has anyone installed the Dobinsons 1.75" or 2.5" front IMS struts on a 2gen Sequoia?

I'm having trouble dialing them in, or better yet I'm being very cautious. I bought the whole 1.75" IMS setup and had it installed. I didn't know this ahead of time, and it really doesn't matter, but the 1.75 IMS Dobinsons front shocks have the same "C" notch adjustable shock similar to the Bilstein 5100. I was expecting the double-nut threaded shocks, oh well.

I'm trying to achieve a 1.75" level lift, with no or as little preload as possible. I had the front struts installed at the lowest notch, which would give me no preload. After the installation the front is exactly 1.75" lower than the rear. I'm guessing if I adjust them to the top-notch, I'll get the 1.75 I'm after, with the trade-off of preload like crazy. I just bought the C59-720, which goes up to 2.5" of lift. If I install that spring, at the lowest setting, or so, what sort of lift would I achieve
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