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We have purchased 3 vehicles from Don McGill Toyota Houston and the sales team is great and motivated to work with you. However, the poor service I received this morning trying to schedule an appointment for a recall really angered me. I was transferred to an adviser on what I can do about bringing in my father's vehicle regarding the recall. The adviser stated that there was nothing that he could do about it because he hasn't received word about it nor does he have parts for it yet. He said that I have to wait about 2 months to receive a letter in the mail before anything can be done. The recall is regarding the 2017 Tacoma rear differential leak that can cause drivers to lose control of their cars... and I have to wait about 2 months?

So I did what any son concerned about their father's safety would do. I called the corporate office. After speaking to the nice lady and she had, in fact, verified the recall, she informed me that I can make an appointment with any dealer and have the vehicle brought in for an inspection to check if there is a potential leak or concern. If there is not a concern then they can re-torque the fasteners.

I called Don McGill back, asked for the service department, got transferred to an adviser, sounding just like the one that I spoke to earlier and got put on hold for a few minutes to just get hung up on. Ok, so let's just say that this was an "accident". I called back, got transferred to the same adviser and I told him about the conversation I had with the corporate office and what they had advised me to make an appointment to bring in the truck so that they can inspect and re-torque the fasteners. Toyota's recalls all have remedies that can be found publicly online and this is what is says,
"The remedy will involve an inspection to determine if a leak is present between the rear differential and the rear axle. If the vehicle has no signs of a leak, all fasteners will be re-tightened. If a leak is identified, the rear differential carrier gasket will be replaced with a new one, and new fasteners will be installed. If rear differential components are damaged, the rear differential carrier assembly will be replaced with a new one. This remedy will be at no cost to customers."

I started reading the first sentence to him and was immediately put on hold. I was so angry at this point and after being on hold for about 10 minutes, he hangs up on me...again! Accident? You make that judgement. How can I make things clear for everyone reading this to understand. A service adviser that can't make appointments to service vehicles and has the worst customer service I have ever seen...what is he doing there? I served in the military and fought for freedom for what? For this guy to treat customers like trash! How disappointing!

Mark Hammond (not sure of the true spelling), I hope this is a wake up call for you because your behavior is unacceptable and other customers shouldn't have to deal with it either. My family and I will certainly be servicing our vehicles elsewhere.

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And remember, you're not supposed to take it in until you get the letter in the mail. Until then, they can't bill for it. You'd also have to take it in a second time to clear the recall.

As for the wait until June, the last Tacoma recall was on the 2nd Gen trucks where the rear leaf springs could break, puncture the gas tank, and catch fire. It took Toyota 18 months before they had a solution and we're ready to deal with it.
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