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setting idle rev?

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ok, i conducted a little search and didn't find what i was lookin for, maybe just cuz i overlooked it, but...

is it possible to change your idle revving to an either higher or lower rpm, and if so, is there a good level to keep it at, becuz rite now mine idles at about 975 for some reason.

i remember seeing that the stock idle is around 900, but wondered if it's ok to lower it or raise it up? and how i would do this?
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i was also looking for this but i think i read it somewhere that you cant adjust those manually. not really sure. Because i found that my startup idle ( when car starts for the first time ) its a little on the high side. when i hop in my car in the morning i get 1700rpm. its wasting too much gas on the warm-up process. but normal idle is 900 for me.
there's a screw on the top side on my 3sfe's throbble body. that adjusts the idle rpm. i'll try to get some pics somewhere. i'm sure it's the same on the 5sfe
yea there is a screw on my 5s-fe as well. but i've screwed and unscrewed it and all that stuff made zero diffrence.
oh oh, where is this so-called screw? cuz i heard of it, and my buddy did it to his honda. he idles at 2100 tho, which i think is kinda dumb.
bowlofturtle it's not wasting gas, it's warming the car up!
You should leave it. Its fine! If it aint broke, dont fix it.
in the winter when I first start, the engine shoots to like 1700 rpm's first, and slowly comes down, but now summer it doesn't shoot up like that anymore
ya, i like florida. the coldest starts we get here are about 30 degrees on an extreme day. usually though the outside temp is about 50-60 in winter.
After i cleaned throttle body for the first time at 53k miles, my engine started to shoots up above 2000rpm for like 3 seconds then comes down to 1700 rpm and then slowly lowers as engine gets warmer. Mine idles at around 500 rpm when engine is fully warm, i think its too low. I would like to know how to adjust idle level too. I have 2000 camry 5sfe
may be someone can take a pic of the throttle body + where the intake connects to it. i don't have a digi cam and i'll point out where that screw is
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