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Hi Guys

I'm not very active on this forum, as the Camry NEVER gives any problems, but I thought I'd share my experience from the past two days.

On Wednesday morning on the way to work, I heard a strange noise from the bonnet. I was about 5km from the office, so I kept on driving until I was in the parking area. Turns out the water pump packed up. (I couldn't even turn it by hand after taking it out)

I read a couple of threads here on TN and it didn't seem to be a major issue OR a major job to fix. We left the car at the office overnight, towed it back to the house yesterday, and started working on it at around 2PM.

It was by far the easiest thing to do. It took only 6 hours (keep in mind that I know almost NOTHING about a car) after reading this writeup by dz63 and the car is running absolutely perfectly. (thanks dz63! :chug:)

In all, I replaced the water pump, timing belt, tensioner pulley and the other little pulley above the crank cog / gear. (Toyota always replaces it so I thought I might as well)

All in all, I bet that if you know what you're doing, it won't take longer than three hours. The best part about it is the fact that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the engine.

It is by far one of the best cars I've ever driven, and I'll probably buy another one when this one gets too old. It currently has 298'000 km - around 185'000 miles - on the clock, and I bet it can reach 300k miles with ease.
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