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shaved back of wagon

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ok what do yall think of what i did to the back of my wagon? i shaved everything, even the trunk key hole cuz it was messed up anyway and it can be opened from inside. people always ask me what i'm driving, and they even asked it when it said camry on it.

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pretty nice and clean. is ur tail light chiped?
glare. not chipped.
nice, besides the dent by one of ur two many wipers lol
shaved is always good :D

two things:

1) if you have the hubcaps, put them back on
2) spray paint the rear wiper arms. It'll look 10x's better.
don't worry about hub caps but sray those wiper arms it'll look alot better:thumbup: nice shave by the way but did you photochop it just to see what it would look like? cause it makes me want to do the same:thumbup:
Looks good, I would invest in rims though. You know when you can, I know how expensive it can be. Lowering as well (also expensive).
heh, ya im goin in for more bodywork this month and hopefully a paint touch-up. the wiper blade project is on its way. just gotta put them back on and i'll be set. nah, i don't have the original hubs, so i'm gonna spray over the black steelies with the same paint i used on my dash trim.

don't be hatin on the wildlife preservation allan. :p
so that isnt photoshopped? nice:thumbup: i think some cars came with 16inch steelies you could put those on and get better tires 225 50 r16 that would be cool
:thumbup: Super clean! That must look very unique on the road. i've seen about 1 camry coupe...a red one lives in my neighborhood.

the wagons..i seen about 5 around town regularly suprisingly.
looks good:thumbup:
I live in florida, and i have a red coupe. what part of fl r u in? i def see more wagons than coupes.
never saw a coupe here, but i see the wagons quite regularly...

what's up with the double wiper arms ? I thinks 'our' wagons have only one
gen3 wagons have 2 rear wipers.

looks dope :thumbup: :cool:
mine has two and most others i see have two also. but i like the fact that you have no roof rack on yours easier to clean.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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