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She said 6" was enough, but she lied

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Well I wish my girlfriend was that interested in my "rims" but thats not the case, so i had to buy supplements.:D

I finally got some parts I have been waiting on and even though its still cold out, yesterday was too nice for me to just stare at them so out I went and test fitted them.

Anyways the rims started out as 15x6.5 et33 and the stock lip measures 0.5". The lips in the picture 2" lips and the fronts will be 1.5". I'm not 100% sure yet but I think with the 2" lips the offset works out to around et14. So you are looking at a 15x8 et 14ish on my ae92 sedan that has had horrible bondo repairs to the rear arches. Thats not my project car, just parts car. Just thought I would post up so anyone in the future wanting to put fat rims on their ae92 will have somewhat of a reference point. Oh and the tires will be 195/45/15 all around.

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what rims are they? and what tires are you gonna run that come in 195/45?
I was thinking of something 15x8 with 25mm offset for my car, that's if I don't get rid of the car first. :)

Post more pics of the rims, I'd like to see what they are. :D
i say sportmax's...

i was thinking about some low offset 15x8's to actually. i was gonna buy some new sportmax's on friday, but apparently there a bitch to get right now since theyre brand new. for the price, and the fact that im poor, they look pretty good...

i wanna see these on a ae82 or 92...

lol 15x8, -27 et.

try tucking that in the fenders...
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Ren I don't even know you but don't even think about selling that car. Somebody's got to keep the ae92 faith alive. If I see it in the auto trader I'm going to come down with my sr5 take ur car for a test drive and not come back;)

Ever the tires are going to be toyo t1r's or dunlops if moneys short. And the rims are bbs rm's, no sportmax here. How's your car coming? Have you been driving it yet?
More pictures will come when they are on the car and I have some new suspension.
dude, bring a truck and a trailer and you can buy my 89 GTS from me for $500, it runs, needs brakes and a new fuel line and I'll throw in a set of 13x5 rims that look just like my BR's. :)

I want to sell it to someone who'll bring it back to life as I don't have the time right now. :sosad:

EverAE, I think Axis also makes those in 15x8 or 7 and +25 offset.. I remember seeing them on the site. I'd rock them! :boink: :boink: :boink:
BBS rm's will be SICK! i was actually looking for some a while ago lol.

my cars coming alright, just put in a ae111 bz-r rad cause mine was leaking, and i got the equal length axles working. need to do brakes and lines now though, so i havent got to drive it...:sosad: spring time ftw.

Ren, ya they make em in 15x7 with around +30 i think. i might pick up a set if money permits, and i decide on a colour scheme for my fugly corolla, lol.
Ren - as long as you don't sell the 90' gts, thats what I thought you were talking about.

Ever - so what ended up being the solution to your axle problem?
Well.. I've thought about it, the wife said that as long as I buy a 4dr automatic car as my daily driver, I can keep the GTS... the only problem is that I've been looking at the 2002-03 Impreza WRX sedan and wagons.. I wouldn't want an auto on those :argh: so I would probably sell the GTS. :sosad:
Never thought I would read those words.... I haven't even had the chance to see your car in person yet.
Ever - so what ended up being the solution to your axle problem?
well its a ae92 gt-s drivers side axle on the passenger side, and my original ae82 drivers side axle on the drivers side. when i originally looked at the drivers side, it seemed like my drivers side was about 1-1.5" too short, but i tried it again and i guess it works. it was probably due to the fact i was cold and frustrated the first night i tried fitting it lol.
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