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shift solenoid PO773

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I had this engine light with the O/D light on for awhile already and i finally got a chance to get the code read. The code is PO773 and i got this code from another thread.
P0773 -(3) Lock-Up Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
but still have no clue what that means. I had a friend check at that and he pretty much told me i need to change something inside the engine and it's going to cost mucho dinero and i was like i'll let it die rather than fixing it. Should i bring it to the shop or what should i do? Any light on this would be great. Oh yea, I have a Camry 94LE V6.
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sounds like a tranny problem. you should have a tranny shop look at it, also you can try and make sure that all the wires to your tranny are thight also try and see if you can shift from park to drive with out the brake pedel.
Thats a transmission code. You have an automatic transmission by the sounds of it, and only automatic transmissions came with shift solenoids. It would be expensive to replace nonetheless. The tranny needs to be removed and dismantled.
Would this be the same as a solenoid c ? I went to Auto Zone for them to check it out and he said it was a transmission solenoid (c) ??
Does anyone know what this is, we tried calling like all of the tranmission shop around town and no one knows anything :eek:
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