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shift up? pffft o/d all the way

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a recent thing ive noticed is that the transmission doesn't like to shift between 3rd and o/d anymore. i'm goin on the highway, and normally my 3rd gen i4 is running at 3k rpm or so at 80 mph. lately its been going at 4k, i'll let my foot off the gas for a second to let it shift up but it doesn't want to anymore. so i'll go for about a minute or so and then randomly it shifts... a little late. what's goin on, transmission fluid change time?
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If you havent changed it in a long time, sure. Does not hurt.
Could be trannie puter, bad connectivity or more though.
possibly you have your power button down?

or could be the tranny ecu
Even with the ECT on, a gen3 i4 shouldnt' be pushing more than about 3k @ 80mph. ECT only holds the gears longer, so constant throttle (to maintain speed on level ground, especially in the top gear) wouldn't cause it to go to 4k. Now on an incline, yeah, 4k is easily possible. I drive through mountains every month to and from school, and uphill I hit 4k for about 5 min or so doing 75+. When's the last time you had a tranny flush and how many miles do you have?
amerikim said:
If you havent changed it in a long time, sure. Does not hurt.
oh, do mind that changing tranny fluid, that hasn't been changed for a long time (or never) might cause you even more trouble.

to be certain, i suggest you first look at a sample of your tranny fluid and check for metal particles before changing or flushing it.
definately needs a flush, its a tomorrow project. when i checked the fluids i realized i couldn't tell the difference between tranny and oil. car has about 96k all stock, no clue when last flush was. i just bought it about 3 months ago or so. oh and this is on long straightways with o/d on and ect off.
If it's shifting late, you shouldn't change the Trans. Fluid. Like Jaguar said, u'll get more trouble.
Look at it this way, at some point the fluid has to go. My grandfather's '87 Buick Grand National never had it's fluid changed for 250,000m. It died because of it (and it has a stout tranny...).
***Flushing killed my tranny myth***
It's interesting in that this has two sides.
1) It is a myth. Flushing never killed anyone's tranny that still ahd life in it.
2) It is true. if the fluid smells burnt, has crap in it and is dark, the transmission is already on it's last leg about to die. Flushing it will accomplish this faster, but it's not going very far either way...

Just find a mechanic, or parts store that loans tools that uses a pump inlet flush machine. Those change all the fluid *after* the pan has been dropped. If you flush using a normal one, make sure the pan is dropped and the filter is changed. If the filter clogs, the fluid can not pass it, and the tranny will blow.

Just make sure of these things:
1) The tranny isn't already on it's last leg
2) *ALL* the fluid comes out of the tranny
3) The filter *HAS* to be changed

Be sure to use a good syntheic fluid. <duh>

90% AT's are killed by overheating. If you buy car, flush the fluid immediately and put on a cheap, aux. tranny cooler. It's $50-$100 to save a $3000 repair build...
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Wait..... You let off the gas and are hoping it will shift? What are you trying to do? Kill your tranny? Your gonna chip some gears that way.

Autos are nothing like a manual. You don't let off the gas for it to shift. You have to stay on the gas or you will cause it to shift hard. And that's gonna mess it up good. Always stay on the gas when it is about to shift.
i don't take my foot off the gas completely, i just give it a little less gas. either way, it gives me a nice jolt.
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