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shifter bushing issue

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ok....heres the car is 1500 miles away for another i had my uncle look at the car before it gets driven down here to me...i guess there is some shifter bushing that is screwed up and is like $100 to im thinking...screw that ill get a short shifter.....what it does is you have to push it all the way to the right against the detent wall blocker thing that seperated gears....cant remember exactly what thats called....would getting a short shifter help resolve this problem as it would be a new shifter or would i also have to go with some new bushings anyways...if so what would be recommended....i figure its one small step before a couple giant leaps i may make with the car.....being as i could by chance go with rippmods sds in the hopefully somewhat near future or maybe a burrien toyota turbo set up.....just to make life easier since i am in one of the hardest schools the military has and i dont have much free time to play(work on) with the car once it gets here....any help is greatly appreciated
P.S. the car is a 96 5spd(obviously) w/ 5sfe

Edit: Im a dumbass....bushing bad which means i need new ones...anyways wondering since id have to replace that bushing anyways should i opt for the shortshifter....and if that 2003 corolla one from twm is the right one...thanks again
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Click the "shifter cable busings" link. They're worth the money IMO.

ok heres a link to a page with pics of the shifter in 1st from as far left to as far right as it can go along with pics of the part that i need to replace. It can only be shifted from the far right position. This part should fix that. I was wondering if anyone knows where it is that this part goes. I know it goes under the hood some where but i cant seem to find anything that looks like it, Thanks
P.S. Its a 96 camry 5sfe
just trying to keep this towards the top so people will look at it now that i got some pictures. if nt hopefully ill find it when i do the cable bushings
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