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wassup guys, i've just replaced my shifter cable bushings in my 90 gts. the shifter seemed a little bit of slacking lately and i took a look at my shifter cable and feel them out with my hand. the oem bushing is pretty worn out and soft. so i ordered a pair of poly bushings. don't get the solid metal bushing, it can stress and destroy ur shifter cable in a short time. poly is firmer than oem rubber but still have the flexibility to absort vibration so ur cable won't get destroyed. there's no one making the bushing for the coupe but after some research, the 85-90 mr2 have the same trans therefore same shifter cable and bushings. i got a pair of poly bushings called torque solution shifter cable bushings from amazon.installation needed lots of paitents lol! if anyone has a coupe, man it's not alot of room to get ur hand in there, so it's gonna take u a little bit of time trying different angle. i did mine in 1 hours, the hardest part is to get the locking c clip to settle down on the new bushings. since there's not much room i couldn't really just push it in, i had to use a 3/8" extension bar around 20" long to tap it in, the second one is little bit easier , but i didn't figure it out till i started using a 15" long flat head screw driver to pry the locking clip into place. took it for a test drive and love it. it feels so much firmer and solid everytime i shift gear. a must upgrade for our 30+ years old daily beater.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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