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Shipping vehicle

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anyone know a good fairly inexpensive company to use for shipping my car? I dont think i want to drive my car from California to South Carolina.
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Most likely you wont be able to ship it for cheap. The drive isnt that bad though. Im in the militay and Ive driven from...
Wa. to So Cal
So Cal to Alabama.... Twice!!
And Alabama To Wa.
The drives are fairly enjoyabe if the car can handle it . Gas and rooms on a 3 day trip are cheaper than shipping.
drive it man... i drove from daytona to berkeley in 51 hrs... 2 man team...

it was awesome.
The company we use to ship customers cars once we convert them is DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers), they are fairly cheap and very reliable. Never lost one import or had damage done to it.

They also offer free tracking

Contact Info:
Main Site :
Free Quote :
i was considering driving it but the damn check engine light is on 24/7. its a 1992 toyota corolla and nobody can figure out the damn light someone told me once its carb buildup somewhere and the engine needs to be replaced so i dont really wanna take the chance driving cross country with it. I am in the military and thats why i'm so far from home. thanks for the info
All state to state auto transport is the leading auto shipping service provider. We strive to provide quality car shipping services at satisfactory prices. We are equipped with high-tech specialized vehicle transport carriers with a highly trained crew that can transport your vehicle with ease. By shipping your vehicle with All state To State Auto Transport, your vehicle will be transported by efficient pickup and delivery, giving you round the clock updates of your vehicle transport, and handling the details.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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