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Shocks and Springs to anyone who is interested (cheap)

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Hey all Gen 2 owners out there. I have a set of KYB GR2's and Intrax lowering springs for sale. My 2G bit the dust (tranny exploded) a while ago and I pulled my shocks and springs off the car as they had less than 5K on them. I need some money and am willing to sell them at a very good price (the set was $550 new). If you want pictures I can send you pictures. The springs are already mounted on the struts with fresh bump stops and everything so all you need is to "bolt 'em up". Reply to this thread or send me a message and make me an offer. There is nothing wrong with them and they haven't even seen much harsh weather because I installed them in the early spring and the car died last summer. They have been sitting in my living room ever since. I will throw in a 7th Gen celica short throw shifter (mounts right into the stock shift linkage) if you have a manual as an incentive. Don't low ball me too much with the offer but I will take the best offer given to me. If your shocks are all blown to bits and you want a nice upgrade, this is a cheap way to do it.
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How did your tranny explode ? It was a manual trans ?
what kind of springs (brand and drop height??) are they???? wil they fit my 91 v6 dx???? how cheap would you sell them???? just the springs... say under $100 haha
pm some pix too.. and where did you buy them????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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