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Should i buy an LC engineering Hi-perf distributor??

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at 260.00 plus shipping, I have to ask any of you if you have any experience with hi-performance distributors.I already run a Mallory hY-fire ignition /coil and hi-performance wires, soI am wondering about the distributor?Lc engineering has ba hi-performance distributor that is a stock toyota distributor that has been dyno'd for the proper "curve", whatever that means. Thanks so much! Its been awhile since ive posted here.
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Is basically like a balanced distributor you will see a more liniar spark curve. I have seen demo's of balanced chevy distributors etc. But unless your building a pro stock i dont think it will make much of a diff. alot of roundy round guys like to use those. If you already have a ignition box little good it will do you.
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