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Ok, I really don't have room for another car, so I want to make sure this thing is worth picking up!

1983 Celica GT
5 speed
130,000 miles

It runs and drives awesome. Plenty of power and it has a new 'stage 2 clutch' so says the guy... whatever that is. Regardless, the clutch is stiff and grips like nobodies business! :lol:

The interior is all there and in damn fine shape, just needs a cleaning.

Everything works.

The power steering has a leak somewhere.

Here's the part that has me on the fence... the body looks like shit. Both doors have rot (not really that bad), and the quarters are really bad. Fenders, hood, and trunk are all rust free.

Are parts easy to find for this car? Can I buy new quarter panels?

Are these cars easy to do up? I've never tinkered with one before... are there any aftermarket parts for them?

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