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grapefury: it's sounds like you're having trouble deciding because you're happy with your Camry and struggling with the idea of parting with it. You've proved that with your latest test drive. You know what? If you're happy with the Camry, keep it. Taking the Bimmer means higher maintance costs, higher insurance, more haters. There's nothign wrong with your Camry if all you're looking for is a realiable daily driver. $0.02

Tell your parents thanks but no thanks. Put that money towards a family vacation :thumbup:

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thanks for all the replies, i've come with a final conclusion.

I'll take the bmw if I can get 13k for my camry. It's really in excellent condition, and It's not worth it to me to sell it for less.

My personal view of the 528i, is that it is really about the image. Perhaps the M-series cars can be praised for performance, but the 528 has nothing to brag about in terms of performance.
I still believe the car is underpowered for so much weight it has to carry around.

I view it as a car to get somewhere in style. To drive by and have people stop and look at you and think “wow. That’s a nice car” and having you smile to yourself at the thought of that.

The feel of the drive just isn’t that great. The camry is just a fun comfortable car that’s easy to drive and push, it only is lacking in luxuries and equipment. I pushed the 5, it groans for mercy at high rpm's. My camry purrs on its way up, kinda taunting you to push more.

Toyota engineers really did an excellent job, and the camry truly is a great car. I'm really happy I was able to have it as a first car.

The only reason I'm even considering the bmw is for the brand name, and for the image of myself driving down roads in the 5series which so many people admire.

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MRQturbo said:
downgrade from a 5 series to a subaru??......G35 sedan is a much better replacement....awd also.....
frankly, i test drove a g35 awd, and felt it was kind of underpowered. I had just driven a new Acura TL though, but whatever, the AWD system is really good, i just wish it was available with the coupe engine for that extra 20 hp

oh, and if they had the coupe in AWD, i would sell my firstborn child.
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