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Show me pics of your trim job! I got rubbing with lift.

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Yeah.. I knew that title would get somebodies attention but, I have searched the forum and can't find any nice pics.

I installed my new ToyTec 3" lift with 885 front coils and 285/70/17 BFG ATs. I get a little rubbing when I crank my wheel. I see which part is rubbing and it's the little nub on the front of the cheap plastic fender.

I was thinking about using a dremel and cutting wheel. Does anyone have any pics to show how they cut this nicely?

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I used a brand new utility knife - it works perfect for both the black plastic fender liner and the thicker plastic fender flare as long at it is a new sharp blade. I don't have any pics but there are a bunch on this site - keep in mind every truck is different and each side is different too (my drivers rubbed a lot, passenger only a little).
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