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1 can of 'VHT NIGHTSHADES' 12.95 (1 or more coats - I think I applied it too dense)
1 can of some clear coat laquer shit i found laying around (2 coats)
4 waxing microfibres
rubbing alcohol

Step 1:
Remove 2 bolts holding the tail lights in on each side. Use force to pop the assembly out. Turn all the bulbs counterclockwise(?) and pop them out.

Step 2:
Rub down lights with alcohol to get any dirt and oil off.

Step 3:
Apply nightshade in horizontal single strokes going back and forth - apply at a fair height and make sure it does not run too much

wait 10 ish minutes for it to dry and determine if its dark enough for you. if not repeat strokes over both lights.

Step 4:
Wait until it is completely dry and apply 2 or more coats of clear coat to make sure it stays tinted through rain and shine. Wait 10-15 minutes inbetween application of clear coat just as the nightshades.

Step 5:
Rub it down with some compound wax or whatever you want for a final shine
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