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Shur Trax X-mas Gift Pic

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My wife got me this for X-mas. It's not really that exciting, but it finally snowed (a whole 2 inches) and it gave me an excuse to fill it up and test it out

It is the mid sized one

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So how did it perform? Did it slip around in the bed at all? I see you have some sort of mat in there anyways, so I assume it wouldn't slide much. Was the weather cold enough to freeze the whole thing?
It definately helped with traction.

It didn't budge, with my bed mat and the rubber texture of the bladder it would take major inertia to get it to move.

It is only about 32 degrees, so it wont freeze, but it says that it can freeze and expand with no damage
nice. I was planning on getting one of those myself. I'm tired of sand bags breaking open, spilling all over the place, and sliding around the bed after they freeze solid. Last set of bags must have had wet sand in them as they became 60lb blocks of ice smashing into the sides and front of the bed as I drove. I thought for sure they were going to crack something! :eek:

This year though we've had next to no snow, and it was in the 40's - 60's up until about 2 weeks ago so I haven't bothered getting one yet.
About 8 pounds per gallon......

Marc M
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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