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Does anyone know where can I buy those side mirror with blue lens, like those luxury car Acura, Audi, Bmw used?

Function: When driving under intense sunlight or at night, sunlight and the intense light reflecting on regular rear mirror, driver will feel dizzy. Blue lens has the ability to absorb intense light and reduce reflecting light. It can make the vision clear and soft, reduce the eyes fatigue, and effectively ensure safety driving.

Anyone have idea where can I get it!

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if you already have tinted windows, you might want to consider

seeing at night.....I have an 08 avalon and 03 Tahoe that have the auto dimming (Greenish/Blue) mirrors that activate when they feel like it(sun, lights, reflections, etc) and will stay active for a while and with 20+% tint on the windows you have issues seeing things at night. This really blows when it is dark and you are backing out of a tight spot or trying to hitch up a trailer.
I don't believe the camry is much better(rear vision) than my avalon, and I use my side mirrors all the time for parking, etc.

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I've been looking for blue glass for the side mirrors ever since I got this car because the glare is terrible in the side mirrors. However, I have never found a solution. I recommend doing a blue tint on those mirrors.
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