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Hello folks,

I would like to know if the side mirrors off of the 93-97 corollas bolt up to the doors of the 88-92 models. I damaged one of the mirrors. As I went on to ebay to search for a new one I noticed that the 93-97 models have mirrors that fold in to avoid getting damaged. The 88-92's do not come this way. If the 7th generation mirrors bolt up I will order a pair for my generation 6 (4) door sedan.


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I'm not sure of the dimensions etc of your 6th Gen mirrors, but here are the dimensions and photos of my 7th Gen mirrors (The pics don't show the exact measurements since I had to hold the camera and tape measure at the same time, but the measurements are correct as I measured it separately - Although give or take a few millimetres since I wasn't using a caliper). If they do fit, then try and get the power folding mirrors. I'm pretty sure only the JDM spec Corollas had that feature however, but all of them have the power tilting glass feature. At the very least you'll be able to fold them back manually by hand.

The measurements between the mounting studs are:

And the outside measurements of the mirror (the triangular shaped mount) are as follows:

240mm from the top, diagonally down to the bottom (see pic 1)
165mm across from each side down the bottom (see pic 2)
145mm high from the top straight down (see pic 3)

And a photo of the mirrors folded (via the button inside the car) -


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The measurements for my mirror on my 92 sedan were at

~ 231 mm diagonal (9 3/32 in.)
~ 155.6 mm horizontal (6 1/8 in.)
~ 144.5 mm vertical (5 11/16 in.)

and the studs were at

~ 59.5 mm diagonal (2 11/16 in.)
~ 38.9 mm horizontal (1 17/32 in.)
~ 44.5 mm vertical (1 3/4 in.)

I had to measure using inches so I did a little converting, I find it incredibly retarded that us Americans are stuck to using the inch system when the whole world is using meters :facepalm:

Anyways it looks like the 7th gen mirrors are about a centimeter longer than the 6th gens. They might fit with a little modification but I'm not sure :confused:

When I get a chance I'll go to the salvage yard and try to see if I could fit one on and post the results.

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JDM AE92s came with power folding mirrors... something I wish we had in north america, you can however find some on ebay but they're not cheap.
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