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sienna check engine light sensor

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how much does it cost to replace the sensor for the check engine light? the check engine light has been constantly going on and off for the past... year and a bit. the car still seems to run fine. my dad checked it and supposedly the sensor is broken? (not sure about that though) but we did get it checked and supposedly should still be safe to drive. how much does it cost to replace this sensor anyway?
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More details needed. What sensor? (ie. Oxygen, temperature)

Furthermore, the Check Engine Light causes the car's computer (ECU) to store a diagnostic code (OBDII code). This code can be retrieved by a mechanic with a scanning tool. The code is then decifered and used to help isolate the cause of the problem.

Here's a list of the codes -
you know what.. i have no idea... i keep telling my parents to get it checked.. but they wouldn't. can you check it yourself? if you can do you think you could describe procedures? (i tried searching couldn't find it)
In order to retrieve the codes, you need a scanning tool. Most ppl don't own one unless they work on cars often.
Your local autozone will scan it for free. Just call ahead to see if they have an obdII scanner.
i read something about these autozone places in other threads. but um. is there one in toronto? or would there be another place?
Oh shiet, didn't see your from canada. :confused:
We don't have AutoZones in T.O. nor am I aware of any large chain store that will do it free. You'll have to take it to an independent mechanic or the dealer. Get the code and a diagnosis and then decide if you wanna proceed and have the work done.
hm. ok thanks... is it usually worth it to fix these problems? would they decrease the life of your engine?
In another post I mentioned that I get the CEL on I floor the van. It goes away in about 6 days, and is annoying me alot too.

I have had the code scanned and it returns ' lean fuel mixture condition' and the front bank exhaust air/fuel sensor has been changed a couple of times already.
mine just goes on at various times. sometimes it's on once you turn on the car. sometimes if u make a bad turn. (ie. too fast or wide or something) it turns on. and sometimes it just turns on while driving.
Check engine light repair cost

See the dealer. Might be free. Mine repair was -- VTC recall
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