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Donno if this was mentioned before. but you know how the guages click when you turn on your signals? is there a way to reduce the clicking sound? it gets annoying driving at night and having that constant loud clicking sound. the newer cars that ive been in are fairly quieter.

oh and while we're on the topic, how do i change the color of the arrows for the signals?

thanks :)
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Well, that clicking is actually relay's and those cannot be made quieter. Unless of course you could find a quieter relay.

And the color of the Turn signals can be changed by changing the bulb begind the guages.
yes but the bulbs are already "clear" and its the actual arrow that makes it green. =/
To get rid of the constant clicking- turn off your turn signal. (That's why they click) If you really wanted to go to the trouble you could disassemble the gauge panel and change the plastic. There are hobby shops etc. that sell various colors of plastic sheets in different thicknesses. If you truly need a quieter relay you might be able to find one which will fit your socket. Or you could wrap it in foam. (Just make sure it won't melt or flame from the heat generated by driving down the road with your signal constantly clicking.)
i say if that is your biggest problem in your camry right now... you are lucky.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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