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it was all a dream
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Please follow these rules and your username, avatar, and signature won't be edited or removed by the staff:

User Name Rules:
1. Name must be unoffensive.
2. No solicitation of any business or commercial web site, web site addresses, or portions thereof. These are not allowed unless the user is a registered Supporting Vendor.
3. Email addresses are not allowed.

Signature Rules:
1. Keep it under 5 lines.
2. ONE image per sig.
3. Maximum image size should be under 50kB, to be courteous to our members on slower connections.
4. Maximum image dimensions shouldn't exceed 500 pixels wide, and 150 pixels high. <-- VERY IMPORTANT - MOST COMMON VIOLATION!
5. No animations.
6. Keep text to under 50 words or so, it isn't your homepage.
7. No nudity or offensive material.
8. No commercial/business/website promotion in signatures, including Youtube, Go Fund Me, etc., or any self-promotion for profit or not. The only URLs allowed in signatures are to,, or another forum. No exceptions!

Avatar Rules:
1. No nudity or offensive material.
2. No commercial/business/website promotion in Avatar.
3. No commercial/business/website promotion in User Title.

Conclusion: The purpose of signature/avatar is to personalize your posts. With that in mind, it should be related to yourself (eg. picture of your car) and not any business/company/website/funny link that you promote or vouch for.

...When in doubt, keep it simple. :thumbup:
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Not open for further replies.