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Silicone Hoses......

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Ok.. I have a few questions about silicone hoses. Whats better, The Rubber ones or the silicone hosing? Somone told me that with a turboed engine he said silicone hoses are a MUST... but he seems like someone who lies too look cool.. I mean if its true its good that i now noe. Also I have some steel braided hose covers.. Is that great for silicone or rubber. I'm thinking of taking out all that silicone hosing back to rubber.
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Today or yesterday whatever its 12:30 am, My engine kept over heating when i was on the freeway, its never done this before, I go home and looked at the coolant and it was half empty, so i fill it to full, and i drove it and over heating again... so i FREAKED over it and thought my radiator was crap.... then i look at the silicone hose, and not viewable to my eyes, like it was facing down, there is a coolant could get to the radiator. so changed it to a Rubber and it was fine... but I'm not trying to down on them, but i heard their for show only not race worthy... would they tear eazy if i raced with only silicone?? I dont want this crap to happen to me again.....
If it happened once it mostly likely will happen again. Stay with what works for you. If it aint broke, dont fix it eh?
thanks, I'll just go with some rubber hosing.
i have silocone hoses i my car and boy do they suck. they used to be blue but now they're light purple. i'm going back to rubber.
Ditto... They tore eazy on myne...
If you want the benifit of rubber with the looks of colored silicone. Replace it with rubber but before hand get some slightly larger silicone hose and slide it over you rubber hoses. this will also help if down the line a rubber hose ruptures you have a second layer of protection... plus it looks nicer under the hood.:D
Right, I didnt know you were gonna use them for radiator hoses.. No that sucks.. silicone shouldnt be used in the radiator, the rubber hoses that there are, are reinforced, so that they dont crumple or crack easily. Just get a set of radiator hoses from toyota.
Gridlyne said:
If it happened once it mostly likely will happen again. Stay with what works for you. If it aint broke, dont fix it eh?
DAMN, I GOT JINXED... The same problem, but i was like on the freeway, and i was with my two friends, a female and male.... GOD!! i bet she thinks my tercel BLOWS!! FREAKIN, were on the way to the mall in modesto, which is in california.... and theres a civic whom i cut off, so I GUN THE LIVING SHT out of my car... then well WE GO AT IT... then unfortunatly i exit... when i get to the mall, i park and FUMES... I MEAN wtf.... so i look under the hood and check... NO FUKLKING COOLANT.... OMG.. second time... stupid hoses... so we go in mall, then when we leave i put water so i can get to the gas station... so we get there and its like a burnout show with my engine.. LOOKED LIKE THE BASTARD BLEW.... but i put coolant inside the radiator... and its all freakin happy GO LUCKy tercel now.... dont buy silicone... im switching back to rubber......
Im sorry man, I didn't mean to Jinx you. lol

But swtich back already. If you dont; IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!
Hope you didnt blow the headgasket and warp the head. Thats what usually happens when you run without coolant.
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