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Silvertop 4age 20v Conversion

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I need some information for a conversion. I heard that someone has succsefully done it. I got a SR5 GTS 1989 , will swap the 4AGE 16V with a Silvertop 20V. Any adivises and tips? I already got the engine an trans... need an ECU though... please help ! :confused: email
1 - 9 of 9 Posts is the first place to goto, just do more detailed researches.

and WTF is SR5 GTS????....since you already have 4AGE in it, isn't it GTS???
haha im just breakin your balls :)

i haven't done the swap my self, but quite a bit of ppl here has done it, try looking thru Search and look at old posts.
You have a 4AFE not a 4AGE on an SR5 in the firstplace. :rolleyes:
no probs

man you sticking, once you have a 4afe, 4age anyting with 4a, or any A series engine for that matter, it should bolt rite up with very little problems, i put a 4age 20v into a ae92 corolla, but it came with a 2E engine, so i had to move the right side mount "in my case is drivers side", and thats it, all the other mounts line up, so pull out that old engine and grab your balls, cuz it aint hard. My only problem is the wiring, im still trying to get it sourted
Kevs Toy said:
Too bad club4ag is still down
I was wondering about that.:)
Holy Jeebus reviving the dead!! this thread is like 3yrs old. :disappoin
yeah JESUS! I was gonna say I thought trd dragon did his swap already!
haha +1 old post. I was gonna say SEARCH NOOB... but I guess 3 years ago this wasn't done much :p
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