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Sirius Question

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Just installed sirius satellite radio on my wifes 05 corolla LE. I got the sportster replay.

Everything works okay but the FM transmitter kinda sucks.

How hard is it to install the FM relay/modulator and or does anyone know how to get the stock radio out so I can get back to the radio port on the back of the radio.

It looks kinda easy but you never know. I don't want to scratch everything up trying to get the radio out.

Any help on how to get the stock radio out would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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the FM hardwire install is not that hard. it usualy involves poping out the fm wire, plugging it into the little box, and tapping power and ground. What you may want to consider doing is just getting one of those Tape Player adapters and just use that instead.
I guess what I really need to know is how hard it is to remove the factory radio so I can get behind it to install the fm relay/modulator.

It looks easy but I don't want to break any clips etc.

without seeing it firsthand, all i can really say is you need to figure out how the trim piece comes off (probably just snap-in clips that you can popout with a plastic pannel tool) and then the radio itself is bolted in with a couple oflarge screws.
It is definately worth installing the FM relay/modulator. I put one in and it improved the sound greatly. The static is still there, very slightly, but it does the trick. (I'm always paranoid so I hear any little noise or squeak in my car.) Satellite radio is a digital signal. And when you use the modulator it's no longer digital. That's why you get static. Someone told me that once. I'm thinking of changing my head unit to accept audio inputs so that I don't have to deal with the modulator anymore. But that's for the day when I have a few hundred lying around. Until then, I love my Sirius, Rock On, Howard 100 & Howard 101, Join The Revolution!!!! Good luck with the install. Any questions, PM me and I'll send you some pics if you'd like.
I am just waiting for crutchfield to get them back in stock as they give free with the order instructions on how to get the stock radio out.

Thanks guys!
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