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Sirius Satellite Radio Install

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Hi, I just bought a Avalon Ltd. I want to get Sirius radio installed. Are there after market Sirius tuners that are compatible with the Avalon or is there a Toyota branded version? Your recommendations are welcomed.
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Sirius Install

I checked with my friend in a car audio store, he said February. It's half the price of a dealer. Try mounting your antenna on the rear deck next to the center brake light, driver side is better becuase it's toward center of the road.:D
And, pray tell, why is the "center of the road" better? There's no relationship between the center of the road and the location of the satellites, Especially for Sirius, since the satellites are in constant motion relative to the earth.

Nor is there really any relationship between the center of the road and an unobstructed view to the satellites. Trees, mountains, tall buildings can appear on either side of the car.

Try eBay, I bought a kit (oem) for a 07 Camry for $289 + shipping and I think I saw Avalon listed as well. You can install it yourself if you are at least a level 3 backyard mechanic. Otherwise take it to an installer.
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