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Skirts For 90 Ae92 Sedan???

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Hey i own a 1990 Ae92 Sedan and im lookin to spiff it up a bit before i do a new paint job on it so im lookin for some side skirts for it, i want to stay away from making them myself cuz i dont have any time right now. i dont know of any stores that would have them if anyone can tell me of a place either on the internet where i could find some that would be wicked. until next time.

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lookin for one myself or im thinkin of making mine out of fiberglass and stuff like dat but im to lazy to do the sanding part :p: :lol:
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the sanding part, im assuming thats a large part of it? lol i dont have any clue how to make fiberglass parts myself. btw i love your car. and your spoiler how mutch did that set u back? oh and before i forget im also looking for some sweet, prolly a gloss black rims wheres the best place to look for them that u have found?
Wicked Cool Where can i get em??
realy? i would have never thought to even look there. there havent been too many toyota's there when ive been before. thanks:thumbup:
another man junk is another man treasure:p: my rims are supose to be crome but im not the crome type of guy,my carbon fiber wing i bought for cheap from my brother he had it on his datsun 240z but now the sucker wreak the damn car......haha
"lets see how fast you go now bro"
if its not TOYOTA dont buy it
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LOL isnt that the truth.:D Hey Bluedemon i realy like your rims who makes em? and is yer car lowered or does it just look like it?
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