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Heres the deel,

I went to summitt racing and bought the skyjacker 3" Milehigh Lift. My struts and shocks needed to be replaced and thought since i was disesembling the front end i might as well give it some lift. THe kit came with 3" struts in the front and an add-a-leaf 3" in the back. The problem is that i cant get the darn thing to fit in the front. The AA bars wont spread far enough. Ive tried putting the coil spring compressors on it and it still wont work. My question is can i make this work and if so, will it be a crap ride when i do. Also, would a daystar lift be more practicle for what im wanting to do. My ride quality is the most important because i drive about 55miles to work everyday. Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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