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Toyota ext cab truck
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Hi Im new here!
I have a 89 Toyota ext cab 3.0v6 manual truck.
I have one ? Is there something that you can replace
to make the slack in the shifter go away...Like if i put
it in first gear it moves side to side similar to the neutral
position, Somebody told me that you can replace a bushing
or something down in there? If so is it hard to do?
Thanks Jeepjones85

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Shift lever pilot bushing # 33548-31010 (green)=$7 CDN
Shift lever seat # 33505-35020 or 33505-35030 (white)=$16 CDN

Note: the 2 above #’s fit all trannies:G,R,W series (22R,R-E,3VZE)84-95.5,no need for entire shift lever retainer (85-95.5 pre-Tacoma)

Repairs tv's,vcr's,home/car audio out of my home
E-mail:[email protected]
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
1985 Toyota 4-Runner,solid front straight axle,factory cruise control,sunroof,22R-E,W56,RN60LV-MSEK,with 253 000 KM
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