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1990 Celica GT
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i have a 1990 gt and i wanna do the sleepy eye look for my pop up lights. any suggestions on where to buy from or somthing i can do myself to create the sleepy eye look?

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There should be a fuse in the line that gives the motors power when you turn the headlights on and off. If you remove it, wire a toggle switch in place or a button that is hot only when depressed, then turn the headlights on if closed or off if open you can position the lights little by little by flipping the switch or button until they're where you want them.
By doing it this way you can close and open them fully by turning the headlights on or off and holding the button or flipping the switch. Or you can leave the new switch in the off position and turn the sleepy lights on and off when ever you want.

Let me know if I can clarify anything. Sorry I don't know what wire it is in a '90 Celica, tho I can figure it out if you can provide a wire and fusz box diagram.

I found this on a Ford Probe forum when I helped a friend do it on his Miata a couple years ago. said:
pop the hood, open your fuse box cover, remove RETRA fuse, turn your headlights on, (hood lights will turn on, but not pop open) now just tap the fuse real quick into place, and every time it contacts, they motors will come up. now just do that untill you got the right angle you like, then leave the fuse out.

any time you want to go back to normal up and down lights, you just toss the fuse back in. it's ghetto, but works and can be done in any parking lot real quick.
My way just wires a switch in place of briefly jumping the contacts with the fuse. Just as easy, less ghetto and you can do it on the fly.

Also if you do it my way and don't want to risk burning up the motors if there is ever a surge, just keep the fuse wired in line on either side of the switch.
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