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Slightly OT...remember Midnight Basketball

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Every once in a while I have a thought or two. Rare, but it does happen.
I generally like young people, but don't always agree with their POV. Al
Gore thought he could change the world with Midnight Basketball. I'm a car
nut. I think I have a better idea.

A lot of Hip-Hoppers and young people in general are into their cars. For
some, it is a good thing. I gives them motivation, teaches them a skill,
tires their patience. Some make a living out of it.

I'm thinking, Friday Night at the Drags. Get some strips to sign up, and
also due to the decline in General Aviation, there are a lot of old
airstrips abandoned across the country. Repair some of these and make them
into dragways.

In the south end of Springfield Mass, the cops sometimes 'look the other
way' for about an hour or so while the kids get the speed out of their
system. They come through about 8:30, but when they come back at 11, you'd
better be gone, or at least parked with your engine off. But kids bring
drugs, guns, etc, and occasionally a 'grude match' gets out of hand...
And, it's unsafe. The people are used to it now, but racing on city
streets is unsafe at any speed. A woman was killed in Boston a month or
two ago, along with her unborn baby.

So, you open these places up. You get the 'kids' to come in and help
prepare the place, and when it's ready, you open the races. No fees, no
admission (unless you plan on giving prizes or an award at the end of the
season), but there are rules. Everyone follows the rules!

No weapons. You have a weapon, you're done. Period. Knives only allowed in
tool boxes, or these could be supplied as tools for the time needed.

No drugs. You get caught with drugs, you're out for two weeks. An
inspection is done on your car, and major components are taken inventory.
If you have an HKS turbo of a certain size, it better not change over two
weeks, or you're disqualified until the car is put back like it was.

No foul play. You 'nudge' someone on purpose, or any other kind of
cheating, you're done for the day.

I'd like to try to get this to be some kind of reality. Anybody have any
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