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Hi all -

2002 Solara SLE Conv.

for those of you who have loose or sloppy driver's seats that slip a little with each accel./decal., I just fixed my problem with this as follows:

I figured it's just some loose nuts so I started with the four 14mm that connect it to the body. Nope.

Then I pulled the whole seat out to see what I could tighten. Sure enough there's a little play in the rails (green arrows) but dang if I can find a nut or screw to tighten. The only thing available to tighten are these two T50 bolts in the bottom rails (L rail isn't visible but there's one there, making two) and they were tight.

I also looked for somewhere to tighten the worm gears (?) that the motors turn but there's nothing.


The obvious thing about a looseness is something needs to be tightened, right? Well I couldn't find anything to tighten, and these T50 bolts were already tight. BUT! While I had the seat on its back, I loosened both of these (there are two -- again, one on each rail) a little, RECENTERED them (slide the rail until the nut goes STRAIGHT in), and then tightened the ever-lovin' f**k out of them and -- voila! -- no sloppy seat!

It's not a big deal, just an annoyance, really. But a nice one to be rid of.


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