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Sluggish and faltering takeoff?

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My 1990 Cressida sedan has begun to falter on takeoff, and behaves sluggishly, particularly if on an uphill incline.
Does anyone have any ideas on whether to begin looking at the transmission, or the engine and fuel system?
All maintenance scedules have been followed, and the car is just coming up to 200,000 kilometres.
The timing belt was changed on schedule, and the auto trans was serviced as well.
Thanks in advance for any clues.
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Nobody experienced this?

I am thinking that I will need to connect to an electronic tuning machine via the ECU, to look out for error messages.
Could be a faulty throttle position sensor, perhaps?
seafox13 said:
Could be a faulty throttle position sensor, perhaps?
I don't think that can be ruled out. It could happen. I do believe the checking procedure is to see voltage at the terminals under zero and wide open throttle. I'm not sure as to the specifics of it.
how bout the HG?
poor performance

i own a supra with a 5m-ge witch is quite similar to your 7m-ge,i a had a similar proble last year ,it turned out to ben the timing belt that jumped 2 thoot on the crank,i replaced my timing belt 30000k before that,wath happend is that the crank seal started leaking on my timing belt witch made it slippery and made it jump,you never know,you maybe wanna take a look.

good luck
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