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I have a 95 toyota tacome 2WD V6 3.4L 201,000 miles.
Truck is sluggish when accelerting fast.. However, it doesn't do this under normal accelerating. This has been happening for two weeks. Just had the clutch replaced yesterday.
Truck is sluggish in every gear. I drove the truck on the interstate and got it up to 50mph.. Then i floored the gas... Truck was sluggish and didn't accelerate for several seconds till i let off the gas... I then gradually increased gas to get the truck up to 70mph... No problem when driven slowly.
Could it be spark plugs, fuel injection, gas filter, bad gas or other.
I have used same BP gas station for most of fill ups.. don't think its bad gas.'
I have owned several toyota trucks, this is a first for me...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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